GRAMMYs in My District, a new advocacy initiative for Recording Academy members, will launch on October 14 according to a post on the Grammy Facebook page.  On Tuesday the 14th recoding member will be visiting their local representatives office to reminding them of the vibrant music community that lives – and votes – in their districts along with many copyright and compensations of creators issues. 

On that of all of that we propose that you also remind them of the M.U.S.I.C ACT that needs to happen since 2012.  Truer words haven't been spoken today as they were back in 2012 when it was 1st proposed. By Rep Jerry Nadler. 

“Our small, independent music labels are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their goods in the global marketplace,” said Nadler.  “This bill would help promote U. S. exports in an extremely competitive industry whose talents cannot be outsourced.  Helping these businesses access foreign markets is also an important part of President Obama’s goal to double U. S. exports in five years – an effort in which New York, home to many independent music labels and artists, continues to take the lead.”

While the global music market has been in decline during the last decade, the U.S. share of that market has fallen much faster, from 34% to 26% of market share, representing an annual loss of $1.9 billion.  Connecting small music labels to foreign audiences will create jobs at home while ensuring that the U.S. remains a leader in the worldwide creative community.

BTW we believe this number to be much larger by just looking at the Census Trade data it's clear we're about to become a net importer of music. So what is Congress going to do to help US MADE MUSIC is another question that needs to be put to them and here's a start. 



Text of Act


This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Making United States 

5 Independents Competitive Act’’ or ‘‘MUSIC Act’’. 




4 (a) ASSISTANCE AUTHORIZED.—The Secretary of 

5 Commerce shall provide assistance to United States inde-

6 pendent music label companies for purposes of facilitating 

7 exports of recorded music by such companies. 

8 (b) PRIORITY FOR TRADE SHOWS.—In providing as-

9 sistance under subsection (a), the Secretary of Commerce 

10 shall give priority to assistance to United States inde-

11 pendent music label companies and the musical recording 

12 artists of such companies to attend international music 

13 trade shows. Such assistance shall include admission costs 

14 to such music trade shows and support for travel, booth 

15 construction, and touring expenses related to such music 

16 trade shows. 

17 (c) DEFINITION.—In this section, the term ‘‘United 

18 States independent music label company’’ means a cor-

19 poration, partnership, or other association created under 

20 the laws of the United States or of any State (including 

21 the District of Columbia or any commonwealth, territory, 

22 or possession of the United States) that— 

23 (1) signs musical recording artists to contracts 

24 to assist in the recording, promotion, and sale of the 

25 recorded music; 

1 (2) for the immediately preceding fiscal year 

2 has— 

3 (A) total revenues of less than 

4 $50,000,000; and 

5 (B) total recorded music sales of less than 

6 one percent of the total recorded music sales in 

7 the United States; and 

8 (3) is not majority owned by a corporation, 

9 partnership, or other association that has total reve-

10 nues of more than $50,000,000. 


12 are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary of Com-

13 merce $1,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 2013 


14 through 2017 to carry out this section.