"In these tough economic times, the NEA has been woefully underfunded, at $146 million in FY 2014, down from a peak of $167 million in 2010; by comparison, the Canada Council For the Arts serves our neighbors to the North with a budget of roughly equivalent size, despite having only a tenth of the population. Nonetheless, the agency has played a key role in encouraging innovative thinking toward new and better ways of supporting artists and arts organizations in diverse local communities."

This was published on the blog of Future of Music Coalition announced that the US Congress finally confirmed Dr. Jane Chu as New Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts, aka TheArts.gov And, as any visitor to this sites knows the funding for US Made Arts is something that our current Congress seems to think is only reserved for multinational corporations tax breaks. so learning that we're on par with our "neighbors to the North" is a wake up call for those elected officials and member of the administration that we need to do more for US and funding the NEA seems like a good place to start.