Local 2 Global 

The expression Local to Global and hashtag #Local2Global is about getting local entertainment (Trade Cat 334614 ) from local Music Cities to the Global economy and in concept pretty simple. 

And, perhaps the best way to show how bad the US is doing would be to look at trade data, specifically recorded music.     




















How! is America with some of the biggest Recording Star not exporting  USMadeMusic,  which could be as Blu-Ray, Cassettes , CDs DVDS, and Vinyl; Moreover used to be it's own Trade Category 334612 and it's now buried in a combined Category 334614 and it's still -156 %. 

Yet, The British are taking their local music and selling it to the global economy (mostly to USA as it's our trade imbalance with the UK) all of which is done with the overt aid of the UK government. Moreover,  NONE of these labels and distributors operate as US companies; Yet, Government  Agencies, Representatives and most  of US Congressional Representatives fails to understand the value of US Made Music despite passing MUSICACT in 2011 to export more US Made Music.  

THINK ABOUT IT.... AND, During the  GRAMMYS watch every UK making sure to point out UKness on US TV.

Also, think about with new manufacturing plants <Image represent a search of new vinyl plant bringing est total to 20 operating in the USA.  We have to ask -- how these Vinyl records coming from all these Vinyl plants not being EXPORTED?


Now to this grim economic tale comes an organically awaking to the Haliburtonization of entertainment and rising up is US Independent Music  via a Local To Global movement. Often using #Local2Global and these artists bands groups are recognizing that they have fans all over the world and often-as-not they are Buying This as Physical Music and it just makes sense to give the fans with they want.  Here's a  sample of embed Social Media post below. 



So in 2018 or #2k18 being Local to Global is the only way to go for all Independent Creators.  And, if you didn't already know TheMajorsSuck.com and they don't export any of their US based recording artists.  If they did #USMadeMusic wouldn't be -156% as an export.